Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday with Sophia

Erick played golf on Sunday morning (at my insistence), so Sophia and I had a weekend morning to ourselves. Even though we have every morning to ourselves, the weekends are just a little different.

We spent the better part of the morning outside, and lucky for me, Timothy from across the street was also hanging out in the sun. Tim is just about six weeks older than Sophia, and this spring has really awakened them to one another's presence. I think they have each hit their stride in imaginative play, and they seem to work it out together very well. He is a very sweet boy, and he also has a stinker side that I expect will come out more as we watch them grow...

Just take a look at that face.


Maybe it's just the look he had on that particular day, but he insisted on keeping his hand in his pocket the entire time I had the camera out. That and his collar apparently made for an irresistable combination for Sophia. She just can't get enough of that kid.


Then Erick got home, and we spent the day in a nearly vegetative state. Relaxed would be an understatement. It was nice. I had planned to go for a walk/jog, but Sophia flipped out at that prospect. Instead, I decided to do yoga. This is her version of one of the stretches.


She is much cuter while yogaing than I am...


Anyway, Sundays with Sophie are tons of fun. Looking forward to our summer!
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