Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prayers and Friends

Sophia and I have been having lots of talks with Jesus as night when she goes to bed. Neither of us make requests of him or anything, as that's a complicated view of prayer, even for an adult. However, apparently she made the connection in her mind at some point that if we thank Jesus for our friends, he is somehow responsible for their presence in our lives.

Here's the setup: Sophia spent all morning outside playing with her cousins and our neighbor Timothy, who is about six weeks older than Sophia. She really loves that kid. They are on the same imaginative plane and can enter one another's worlds seamlessly. Anyway, when it was time for him to go, Sophia lost it...yes, again. However, this time, she pretty much took care of her grief on her own.

She went upstairs to her room, where I heard her crying and say, "Lulu, what will I do with Timothy?!" More crying and talking to Lulu, then this.... "Jesus, please! I love Timothy! Please bring him back. Amen." I'm serious. That's what she said. I would not make that up.

When she came downstairs, I asked her if talking to Jesus about it helped her feel better. "No, I think I'll just watch some TV."

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  1. Reading your last few entries has been delightful. I love that Sophia expresses things that we, as adults, might be "too mature" to even allow in our consciousness, yet the expression of her feelings touches our hidden heart, I believe. Loss, real or perceived, is such a constant occurance in our lives, we can grow numb to the poignancy of it.
    Her honest shock and grief is something we all should allow ourselves to feel. How innocent and perceptive of her to know where to run for her hope and comfort! Love that girl and her LuLu!