Monday, June 14, 2010

A Few Sophisms


It's been a while since I wrote down any Sophisms, so I figured I better share a couple before I forget.

This morning in the van, Sophia informed me that Barney (the purple dinosaur) is a teacher because he teaches kids things like how to hug and show each other they love each other. Then she followed it with, "But I'm already really good at love." Of course I agreed because that's a true statement. "My love reaches to people all around the world..." Impressive and admirable "...except for to people I don't know yet. But once I know them, I'll love them too." A great philosophy, Sophia.

Way back on Mother's Day, we were out to lunch with Mary. Erick and Sophia were sitting across from us in a booth, and a family was sitting behind them. Normal conversation ensued. During a lull in our conversation, Sophia said, relatively loudly, "Whose mom?" I looked at Erick, who also had a questioning (albeit guilty) look on his face, and asked if they were listening to the other table's conversation. Yep. Eavesdroppers. I tried to help Sophia understand that you only listen to conversations you're involved in. Erick was (probably rightly) more concerned about making sure she didn't ask follow up questions out loud... You just have to hope the answers come in time.

The final story is actually second hand. Last week when Sophia was hanging out at Mary's, Mary suggested they go for a walk around the block. Sophia thought about it and agreed. As they passed a couple of houses, Sophia told Mary, "I don't really like to walk, but I didn't want you to leave." Of course Mary assured her that if she had stayed home from the walk, Mary would have stayed too. "Oh, well, can we go back then? I don't want to walk."

Take what you will from these stories. She is who she is and I love her. There are plenty of other stories that I will not record for posterity because they involve her stubbornness or being disrespectful. It's a phase of extremes. I just push through, working hard for patience, waiting for the brilliance of the good moments.

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