Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catching Up

I'm a little behind on the blogging of late. I'm not exactly sure why. There has been stuff going on aplenty. I have also had the time to write it down. Just no motivation, I suppose.

There have been some kiddie pool outings. There was a movie on the driveway, which will be repeated. Two big highlights of the last week were the zoo and the visit of the Stewartsville cousins. I got pictures of the animals, but not of my nephews. Oddly enough, the animals are slower and easier to catch on film. Maybe another time. My nephews are definitely cuter.


Here's the funny part about the zoo visit. It was hot, and it was the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. So most people with any sense stay away. Not us. Something about a sticky swarm of people makes us giddy. There is no place more ideal for people watching like a crowded zoo where parents really don't want to be there and kids want to be anywhere in the zoo but next to their parents. We had to park about a mile away (no exaggeration). That didn't stop us. We got there around noon, so people were already leaving. As they walked past us with red, sweaty, irritated countenances, I whispered to Erick that I just bet they hated us - walking in with our cheery, hopeful and not-as-sweaty exteriors. As one family walked toward the parking lot, a girl broke free and ran toward the road. The mom just put her hands in the air and said, "Well, I'm not telling you again." Since the girl stopped short of the street and wasn't hit - I laughed. There were lots of such priceless moments from people who really should have known better than to come out on a hot, crowded day when they clearly didn't like heat... or people... or animals... Anyway, it was a great time for us.

The other highlight of the week was the removal of my stitches. Dr. Perry got it all in the Mohs procedure a couple weeks ago and insists that the scar at the end of my nose will be "the best of my wounds." It's not a lot to ask for, really. At the biopsy, he thought the final toll would be around four stitches, but the growth was bigger and faster than expected, so it was seven. Still, I'm very confident in his abilities to patch up my face. Since this one grew so quickly, I'm going to have to up my visits from annually to semi-annually or even quarterly. Kind of a downer, but at least I won't have to have large chunks removed again (hopefully!). Now I know what to look for, at least on my own skin, so that should speed along this process.

Oh yeah, and I cut Sophia's hair.


That's the week in a nutshell. This coming weekend, we're visiting my parents in Springfield. We're all looking forward to that. It's going to feel like it's over 100 degrees there, so we may be spending lots of time indoors. Still, everyone knows we like a hot crowded town, so you never can tell.


  1. Your pic also presents a 2010 summer development - Sophia with her hands on her hips. Seems to be her new favorite posture.

    Can't believe we're already 3 days into June, the summer will be fast I'm sure.

  2. Very true! I hadn't noticed as much until I started looking through the pictures. If she's looking into the camera, her hands are on her hips...

  3. "Akimbo", a word in this Sunday's crossword, meaning standing with hands on hips. Just thought you would want to know this:)LLZ