Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's happens to all of us...

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Today it's Erick's turn to cross the threshold into his 30's. It occurred to me that I was with him for this whole decade. I remember when he turned 20, although I wasn't there due to a Character Camp commitment at C of O. I may never live that one down. I think I missed his 21st that way, too!

And now I can say I've seen him through an entire decade of his life. Or maybe we shared it more than we watched one another through it. A joint experience - all at once combined and individual. What a decade it was, too. Our 20's were... well, they were interesting. Awesome and awful, as most people can say.

I'm so looking forward to our 30's. It promises to be a helluva decade! Can't wait to share it with Erick!

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  1. is "Character Camp commitment" code for "I was in juvie"?

    Happy Birthday, E-Rock!