Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trouble Brewing

Paul, Risha and their girls were here this weekend. We had another great experience with Sophia and Lilly just taking off to do their own thing for most of the time. It's just incredible!

Somehow when those two are together, my mind can't help but wander into their teen years. Maybe this picture just pushes it over the edge with the pool table and beer sign, I'm not sure.


I'm pretty sure they'll be all kinds of trouble together. They are nearly perfect opposites, so one can plan while the other executes. One will be perfectly reserved and one will distract with words (I think you know which one has the words). Regardless, poor little Nora will probably get the worst from them sometimes. She already likes to follow them around, and most of the time she's allowed.


They certainly do have a lot of fun together, though. I wonder if I will be taking this exact picture in front of these columns some day.


It will definitely be a blast to follow these two into their teen years, although I'm certainly in no hurry!

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