Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Princess Sophia

Saturday morning, Sophia and I went to a Princess/Fancy Nancy/Pinkalicious Tea put on by Tryps. I mentioned Tryps a long time ago because Sophia was involved in a Movin' and Groovin' class when she was smaller.

Our friends Erica and Ava had heard about it and asked if we'd like to go along on the adventure. My goodness, what an adventure! The morning followed an unusually late night celebrating a friend's birthday. So when I woke up Saturday morning with just enough time to get cleaned up and go, I was regretting my decision to follow hilarity with a kid event so closely. It didn't take long for me to realize it was worth it.

They paraded princesses one-by-one through the crowd: Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tiana, and on and on. Belle, however, seemed to be the crowd favorite. She was a beautiful princess and incredibly attentive to all the girls.

As each new princess came out on stage, all the girls were riveted to find out who was next. Sophia was the only one shouting "HI!" and waving. Then as they would walk past, she would grin a huge grin and point at herself, as if to say, "Look! I'm a princess too!"

That was just the beginning... We all went into a back room together where our own little princesses were paraded and singled out to have their picture taken in front of the princess crowd. Here's Ava's shot. She's the cute little princess in front.

Oh, that's not all. Then the princesses took their stations and the girls went around to each one to get a shot all by themselves and get stickers! Not to mention hugs. Sophia was in heaven!

Before we left, we had to see Belle one more time. This might be my favorite because of the look on Sophia's face. It's the closest I came to capturing the joy from the morning.

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It was really an incredible morning. Sophia got home and told Erick, "I wish you could have been at my princess tea, Daddy, because it was so wonderful!"


  1. That's awesome! We loved the Belle tea party we went to. I think it was the same Belle.

  2. Ok,this is probably silly but it made me a little teary. For a little girl to have a dream time like that just gets to my heart. Your little princess is beautiful and you are right, that last picture shows pure joy. Love it!