Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celebrating Granny


Today we experienced one very real pro of living in St. Louis. We are only two hours away from my aunt in Lincoln, IL, so making a trip to celebrate my Granny's birthday became a reality! Granny turned 87 this week. I have written about Granny before here. I'm pretty fond of her, along with the rest of our family.

Her excitement about the fuss everyone made over her and having her favorite meal prepared by her daughter and son-in-law made it absolutely worth a little two-hour drive.

If that hadn't done it, having a chance to get a picture with Sophia and Granny would have pushed it over the edge. Neither of them are crazy about having their pictures taken, so I'm very grateful for this gift.


Sophia was thrilled to find another little girl joined the mix today. She made a new friend who hangs out with my aunt from time to time. I think we'll be headed back for some warm weather play dates before too long.


I just love getting to join in on celebrating my grandma. She is something special. The corned beef and cabbage wasn't too shabby either. Mmmm.

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  1. Awesome. And I won't tell her that her picture's on the internet...

  2. Your granny is so sweet and so cute. That cake looks tempting! Following you from Sicily!