Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Expensive Lesson

Apparently, I'm a fool for self-education these days. This particular lesson is currently up to $45.

Each Tuesday, the street sweepers come down our side of the street. If your vehicle isn't gone by 9:00, you will get a ticket. Each Thursday, the street sweepers go down the other side of the street. If your vehicle is not moved by 9:00, you will get a ticket.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the mornings that we don't have to get out. Sophia goes to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I am not a morning person.

So far, the worst way that this has played out was on a Tuesday morning that came with ice. I had to get out, scrape an inch of ice off the windshield just to move the van directly across the street. Sophia watching and waving from the warm cozy apartment, all wrapped in a blanket. Well, she probably wasn't wrapped in a blanket, but she could have been.

I guess, technically, the worst way this plays out is when I forget entirely and get a $15 parking ticket. Cold mornings are a close second. This is the third time I have forgotten and the third time I've gotten a ticket. I really hate that. Seriously. It's the biggest problem I have with city living.

I will set a reminder on my phone from now on. That should fix it. Will someone please remind me to do that?


  1. Oh, they've raised the rates. It used to be 10$, not 15$! Our big problem is when we travel and someone takes us to the airport. That leaves one car on the street and at the mercy of the ticket man. We try to park the car in a remote part of the Concordia parking lots...and then worry constantly that the car will end up towed...
    Agreed. One of the bigger pains of living in the city.

  2. Oh that is nothing compared to Santa Monica parking tickets...if that makes you feel better at all! We were just counting our tickets up the other day and we are at 4. But only 1 of those was for street sweeping. The other was after our first night for parking a moving truck and the last two had to do with parking tags from the same incident...yep that was two ticktets.

    I now set an alarm on my phone that goes off every Tuesday and Friday for street sweeping. It works like a charm. I also would recommend making sure you're on the right side of the street the night before! Sounds obvious but we are just now getting the hang of it! :)