Sunday, March 6, 2011

Starting the Week with a Smile

This weekend, we went to Columbia to spend the night with Aaron, William and Henri while David and Casey got a much needed and long awaited night away. It couldn't have gone better for us.

There is no way to describe how much we miss the boys since we moved. It has been the biggest adjustment by far - to go from walking next door to see them to scheduling and waiting for visits when we can make it happen. So we were very excited to have a chance to spend some extended time with the boys this weekend.

The most surprising thing I can say after the weekend is that it was actually relaxing. We just hung out all weekend. The boys read, they all played, watched some TV and we played some games together. It was a very good time. The thing Sophia came away with is an obsession with Harry Potter. Allow me to brag on my nephews for a moment. My 8-year-old second grade nephew is halfway through the third book of Harry Potter. My 6-year-old kindergarten nephew just finished the second book. Seriously. Anyway, now Sophia has an intense desire to "learn everything about Harry Potter." To which end, she came home with the first book that she and Erick are reading together. This evening as they sat on the couch, Erick would get through one or two lines before being stopped with some very pointed questions about Harry's family, his name and why isn't he a wizard yet? So it could be an interesting (and potentially frustrating) undertaking. I will keep you informed if it gets dicey.

Laundry's going. Erick's entering receipts and we're getting ready for the week. I am looking forward to this week. Some of my friends are coming on Tuesday evening for a mall outing, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Hope everyone else has a fun week ahead as well!


  1. so happy it could be a win-win, because my weekend with Casey was wonderful. Again, thank you!

  2. Yes,your weekend stay was a gift for our whole family! The boys were thrilled to have you to themselves, and already asked when that's going to happen again. They so benefit from your love and investment, as do I! Thank you so much.

  3. Not long after you left, Aaron said, "Let us know when you want to shopping again in St. Louis."

  4. I'm glad that it was as pleasant a visit for the boys as it was for us.

    You're so welcome. Thanks again for allowing us the chance. I'm so happy to know those boys.