Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Training

At the end of last week, Sophia and I bought a ball and bat. We have signed her up for a spring league with some of the kids from her school, but she's having cold feet as it gets closer. I thought it might help if she developed some sort of familiarity with the game. Little did I know, she would take to it quite so well.

We have played on the sidewalk and in the park at least twice a day since we bought the bat. Her pitching has improved, but they all tend to be sliders...


She's about the cutest batter I have ever seen.


Saturday Grandmary came over for a visit and was immediately pressed into service on the team.


I have no expectation that Sophia will actually decide that T-ball sounds like fun now. That's just not her style. But it has already made for an active start to spring.
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