Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day


Have I mentioned how grateful I am that Erick works hard at a job that he had to work hard to get? It's not a very commonly spoken sentiment, but there is more to having a stay-at-home parent than just the occasional budgetary sacrifice. It takes a willingness on the part of one parentt, in our case the dad, to allow the other the express pleasure of staying at home and ensuring the nurture and care of their kids. A joint agreement that, for a while at least, one person will leave the home to supply the necessary provisions for the family within those walls.

This Father's Day, I'm reminded of all the mornings that it's so hard for Erick to get up and out of bed, particularly if Sophia crawled in at some point in the wee hours of the morning. Our bed is comfy, and his family is cuddly. But he does it. Not just because it's what a man's supposed to do but because he cares so much about our family that he doesn't even consider a different option. I can't help but think of the days he calls and I tell him we're at the pool. "And how's work?" He doesn't bat an eye.

Because Erick goes to work while I stay at home, I get the benefit of relationship with Sophia that he has to work twice as hard to get. I don't take that for granted.

What I'm saying is this. Erick is a fantastic dad. Not only is he great at playing, reading, dancing, singing, goofing and kissing boo boos; he has put our family as a priority in a way that I can never hope to return. Thanks, Honey, for being such a wonderful dad.
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