Monday, June 6, 2011



My nephew Henri had his first visit (that he could really participate) to the zoo yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic. Really enjoyable to spend time with him, his brothers and, of course, his parents. I hope I'm learning to live in the moments we have together. Blissful as they sometimes are.

Still, I can't deny the bittersweet reality that he's pointing at me...
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  1. Ditto on living in the blissful moments.

    And, empathy, the zoo visit being the first time Henri saw you and did not immediately jump into your arms. He was shy and sweet, flirtatiously so. Took his time, and eventually ended up where he always does...

    Thanks for the St.Louis hospitality, look forward to more this summer. Love you guys!

  2. Thanks, Casey! I so enjoyed the visit and look forward to as many visits as we can muster. Love you too!