Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Patches is the one in the middle. The very unamused yet surprisingly cooperative feline between two dolls. I don't remember the story behind this picture. I can only imagine I was on the back porch playing with my favorite things, and Mom decided to snap a picture.

Patches was a good cat. Playful and attentive. Killed mice in the yard with regularity and pride. Snuggled with an occasional enthusiasm. Such a good cat.

I obviously loved her.


  1. wow, haven't thought of Patches in a long time. She was a great cat. After she moved to the farm, I saw her take a rat that was as big as her. Tough girl! But always ready to purr and be petted too.

    BTW, nice boots.

  2. She was a fantastic housecat, but she was happiest on the farm - hunting and having many, many kittens. She never forgot us.

    And thanks. I remember those boots. They were awesome.

  3. Great picture, Laurie.
    The mother of one of the greatest cats to ever live.
    And this may seem like a stupid question from your brother, but what back porch is that?