Friday, August 12, 2011

Little Did I Know

Sophia is going to turn five soon. That's right. I don't lie. Really and truly five years old. So it was a little over five years ago that I was having fun finding things for a little girl I had yet to meet. Posh Baby is one of my favorite baby sites to check out, but it was too expensive to actually order anything. However, they did have this incredibly cute little dress/pant combination that was only available in size 5. I figured it was worth the risk because how could any girl resist the cuteness of this outfit?

That was long before I had met my Sophia. She is no average girl, nor is her style anything like mine. Sophia has been big enough for this outfit for about a year, but she has refused to put it on, primarily on the basis that it's too brown. Today, I finally got her to try it on, since she's almost outgrown it. Once she added the hat and the heels, it became an outfit suitable for her sense of style. I still think she's just humoring me, but I'll take it.


This is the kind of outfit that Sophia prefers.


Please note the hat in both pictures. My mom made me this hat one year to match a dress that I had sewn. Yes, I sewed, and I even wore this hat. However, I did not wear it willingly. Sophia, on the other hand, adores it. We are very different girls, she and I. But it turns out that I love the Sophia I know more than I could have imagined.

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  1. and you can not imagine how I enjoy being mother and grandmother to you two girls!