Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Time

My summer has been really fantastic. The first one in St. Louis, and it's been my favorite season here yet. Although really the only one I haven't particularly been fond of was winter, and I don't like that anywhere that it gets below freezing... Back on topic.

I've tried to write posts about our summer maybe a million times, but every time I start I get distracted by something or someone - usually Sophia. Summer is a long time of togetherness. I don't have quite as many human options for distraction as I normally have in the summer. That's been a mixed blessing, as most things like that tend to be. It's been terrific making new friends and having all manner new adventures, but it is more work than calling up a list of people and saying, "Please, come over! I'm bored!" At the same time, Sophia and I have had about the most chill summer known to man. When we weren't hanging out with Emily or some other new and fantastic friends, we've been at the pool or just at home in our pj's. We have had more pj days than I dare to admit. We now change into them when we get home from doing something as a way to state that we are definitely not going out again that day.

Now that the weather has broken for a few days, at least, we are taking family walks in the evenings. This includes Gabriella in the carrier.

That is going to be a great addition because Sophia is not normally an exercise type girl. If we get her outside it's to lie on a blanket or sit and play bubbles. With Gabriella in the carrier, we don't have any trouble getting her out for an evening walk. And the cat loves it. I think I've mentioned previously that we don't have a normal cat. In the evenings when we open up the carrier, Gabriella hops in on her own. Tonight, we walked down to the park, and while Sophia and Erick played, the kitten and I just chilled in the grass (well, she was still in her carrier, but you get the point.) Anyway, it's quite a fun trip around the neighborhood!

So many of our days are taken up with just thinking, talking and laughing together. Sophia is never far from something hilarious or wise to say. It's been a memorable summer, but since I haven't written down enough, I probably won't remember it very long. I'll try to do better about recording our days as the summer winds up. Sophia's preschool doesn't start until September 12th, so we still have a bit of summer ahead of us. I'll try to say more about it as it winds up.
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