Monday, August 29, 2011

A Fresh Coat

I am always amazed at what a can of paint and a free weekend can do to a place. We love our apartment, but it isn't ours. There are many things about it that we wish we could change, but 98 percent of these things are out of our control. However, our landlord gave us a huge boost when he agreed to let us paint a couple of rooms. We chose the sun room and Sophia's room. The sun room was the one we chose to practice on. These walls are mostly plaster. They're pretty imperfect, to put it nicely, so we wanted to see if paint actually hurt or really helped the look of a room.

So, Friday night, Erick and I finished a date by shopping at Lowes. We got a little start on the walls that night but finished them up Saturday evening with Sophia's help.

I absolutely love the change. The idea behind this green, Green Briar to be exact, was that I wanted this sun room to feel more like a three seasons room or a porch. Eventually, I'd like to see some older outdoor furniture in here to add to that feel, but the paint was a really great start.

For now, I'm actually thrilled with the way our current things fit in with the space and color.


The sun room has always been my favorite room of the house. You'll notice that many of my pictures are taken in here because we love to play in the sunlight. I'm back here right now at the desk taking in the lights from the buildings around me. I wonder who else is working on a blog at their window. Anyway, the paint has only served make me love it even more. So if you're wondering where I am at any given moment, let's hope I'm right here.

Because this is the kind of stuff that goes on back here. Sophia is sending an email to Erick. I know I've videoed this activity in the past. I included this one because she has an entertaining song to go along with it toward the middle. It made me laugh pretty hard. We'll see if it's universally entertaining or if you had to be here...

Oh yeah! And Sophia got a haircut today!!


  1. HILARIOUS! That girl cracks me up! Made my night. BTW, I love th paint color too!

  2. "Email: The Musical" by Sophia Creach. I love it! I started laughing and couldn't stop. Seriously love that girl. And your place looks fantastic! Great paint choice!

  3. Lol! Very catchy too...SOP HIA. :) Could I hear you trying not to laugh out loud?