Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Everyday Adventures


The main reason that I blog is so I remember the stories of my life. Some days are not full of funny stories or quirky adventures. But I don't want to forget those days either. In fact, these are the days that accumulate to make our lives everything they are.

I don't want to forget that on rainy days, we snuggled up together on the couch with a book or a Disney show. I want to remember that on sunny days, I talked Sophia into going outside to blow bubbles or play in the back yard with Gabriella. I don't want to forget these days with Sophia and her sweet little kitten. A trip to the candy store might be the highlight of a day like this. Or maybe a trip around the block to say hey to the people we meet. Our days are filled with imagination, and we use it to play with Barbies, ponies, princesses and animals. Board games, dominoes and Uno out the wazoo.

I want to remember the "tent" Sophia made out of the love seat cushions and a blanket - the one that Gabriella took over as her own private apartment.

It seems impossible that I'll forget all the evenings sitting in the sun room listening and watching for the Jeep so we can jump up and surround Erick when he gets home.

These days are the days that I say a special thanks to God for the life we are privileged to live together.
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