Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Last Hoorah


Today is the last full day before Sophia's last year of preschool. Tomorrow is just a warm-up day, but since I have to get dressed before noon, I'm calling that the beginning.

Samuel Preschool starts significantly later than its counterparts here, and we've had the benefits and disappointment of that these last couple of weeks. The benefit has been fewer kids at all the kid places, like the zoo yesterday. Even on a gorgeous day, we didn't wait in line for anything. The down side, of course, is that Sophia and I have been on our own for the most part. We're both ready for a little outside interaction.

Like most moms, I love and hate sending her to school. I'm glad it's just for the mornings, but I'll still miss her. Of course, I have enough experience to know that five minutes after we're reunited at noon, either of us could be exasperated. Even though that's true, I may shed a tear Monday morning. Just before I go to the coffee shop with a book.

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