Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh, the possibilities

Sophia is almost through her first full week back to school. We have both survived rather nicely, I think. Sophia is still exhausted at the end of the morning, but she's having fun at school.

Yesterday was a cool, rainy day here, and I could not have enjoyed that weather more. I'm happy to see the sun today and the wispy white clouds, but there is something about a fall rain that is cleansing and symbolic of the change of the seasons.

With my week of mornings, I have cleaned, cooked, napped, eaten, rearranged my living room and helped a friend. I knew that I was going to like having my mornings, but I forgot all the things you can get done in three hours. So I'll spend the next few weeks experimenting with the possibilities.

Hope everyone nearby is enjoying the shift of weather as much as I am.

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