Friday, September 16, 2011

Sophia's First Day

I finally plugged in my camera to show you the pictures from Sophia's first day of school. I wasn't in a hurry to do so, and I'll show you why.

Sometimes, Sophia insists that she doesn't like having her picture taken. Well, that's probably because sometimes she doesn't like having her picture taken. But that's beside the point. Other times, she's begging me to take her picture so she can run through a few poses. I guess I was hoping the first day of school would be the latter.

It wasn't.


I talked her out from behind the pole and got this.


I asked if she was sad to leave her mama and go to school. "No, just don't want to smile for this picture."


Got to school and tried again for naught.


Later this week, she put on this outfit, and I simply had to snap a shot of it. She's so darn cute! This time, we reached a compromise. She would smile as long as she could close her eyes...


Have I mentioned lately that I'm the one who asked for an interesting child? 'Cause I did.


  1. She's very cute! But if she doesn't want to take pictures, she wouldn't like to see them posted on a blog. So why don't you respect that?


  2. That's an interesting observation and valid question. One fact may lead to the other with many or most children, but Sophia isn't one of them. She loves seeing herself on the blog and knowing that people keep up with her there.

    Now, if the picture issue were one of shyness, I would certainly agree. I would think long and hard about putting up pictures of a child who was shy or protective of privacy. Sophia, on the other hand,simply gets a kick out of being difficult at picture time.

    Just to be sure, I asked her, before posting this response, whether she enjoyed being on the blog. "Yes." Do you mind these pictures of you on your first day of school? "Nope. I think they're super funny."

    I really do appreciate the accountability on this issue. If Sophia ever expresses a desire for more privacy, I will most definitely respect that.

    Thanks for your comment!