Thursday, February 7, 2008


We woke up last night to "Mommy, mommy!" at 1:30. This is very unusual for Sophie. If she wakes up in the night, it's usually crying because of a bad dream or something. So Erick went to check. The odor met him at the door. She was sick again...all over herself. Anyway, after a late night bath, which only partly did the job, and lots more laundry, we settled into the chair together. She never got sick again, so that is a blessing. I'd much rather have it coming out the other end...which it is. Sorry for the details. Sleep deprivation seems to remove my filter. She is already feeling much better and has eaten a good breakfast. So, I think she managed to not get it as bad as some other people I know...

This picture was taken a few days ago. Her new favorite "seat" in the house is this potty. She doesn't know what it is yet, but I thought it was fitting for today's poop post.

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