Saturday, February 23, 2008

Great Start to the Weekend

Yesterday, our friends welcomed their second child and first daughter Caroline into the world. We were so happy to finally meet her. She looks a lot like her big brother Will, with extra feminine charm, of course. Her dark, curly hair is a departure from his fiery red locks. The family is all doing well and enjoying their new addition. She seems to enjoy her new perspective as well. She was so alert! It just reminded Erick and I how lethargic Sophia was in those first few days - on account of the jaundice. We are very happy for our friends.

We capped our evening off with our neighbors, and enjoyed an Italian feast, complete with a delicious and meaty Italian casserole from our hostess Jenny and homemade bread from Casey. The wine complemented our meal delightfully. Sadly, the women of the 'hood couldn't come through in a rousing game of Cranium, and the guys were able to eek out a victory. Sounds unpleasant, doesn't it? It was a good time anyway.

The rest of our weekend will be spent doing nothing. Sophia is a little under the weather, and she's also trying to figure out her napping schedule. It's got us all confused. I have little hope of finding an answer any time soon. Fortunately, Erick is the Director of Weekend Naps, and she does a lot better for him.


  1. Thanks for the pictures!


  2. hope the nap thing is working out for you all...that can get kind of crazy to get that in and still have a life.... thanks for the pics too :-)