Saturday, December 27, 2008

As Billed

Christmas in Illinois was, as billed, madness of the most delightful and appealing sort. Being the day after Christmas, we got to show off our Christmas boots, which was a joy for my feet, although Casey made me contort to get this shot.

We had a wonderful time with family - eating and visiting, gifting and battling. Here I am with my mom and my cousin Carrie.

It was fun for all of the cousins to play together - young

and old

It was a full day for everyone, and Sophia just thrived on all of the people and festivity. She crashed pretty hard, though, but kept fighting until Ben got a hold of her. Now I have named him the Baby Whisperer.

After he was through with her, she slept with me, then my mom, for two hours!

While Sophia slept, I won the Annual Snack Challenge with my hastily, but deliciously, prepared buckeyes. No pictures, sorry. I was not expecting a victory. On Christmas Day, I decided I would throw my proverbial hat into the ring, but realized that I had no ingredients. So I looked online for an easy recipe that contained ingredients that could be obtained at a convenience store, since that was the only place open on Christmas Day. The result was the winner - surprising to no one more than myself. Some, however, were both surprised AND suspicious. Our family consists of competitive and skeptical people, so the possibility of the results of any contest being uncontested is nearly nonexistent. Just makes it more fun.

The drive home was an adventure of its own. Against the advice of family members who had ventured out before, we left in the fog. I have never seen such thick stuff. The temperature increased so dramatically while we were in Illinois that all of the snow and ice had almost completely melted during our brief visit, leaving a dense layer of fog. A distance that normally takes 25 minutes took an hour. While we never really felt unsafe, it was just a matter of going so slow so as to keep track of the white line! We safely made it home to our own beds. Christmas is officially over for us. It was my best ever all around. Merry Christmas!


  1. I object to being called old. I apologize for my shock (and dismay) regarding your culinary victory. But it certainly was a grand time! Merry Xmas to us all.

    You had to see that fog to believe it. We're crazy for driving in it, but (since we didn't die) I was really glad Saturday morning to wake up at home!



  3. Young and old is all relative. I'm just saying that in comparison to the young cousins, you are.... (don't forget that I'm in that same generation).

    It was great to see you too Amy Jo!

  4. Great pictures and I see that the comment I was going to make has already been covered - did you really call DVD "old"??? LOL