Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Merry Little Christmas

Today was a day like no other I have ever had. It was Christmas, and for me, that has always meant insanity - of the best and most delightful kind - from opening your eyes in the morning to laying your head down at night. I come from a big family, and we all get together at Granny's house in Illinois on Christmas Day -- until this year. I honestly wasn't disappointed when we decided to move our big family Christmas to the day after Christmas. I just didn't know what to expect of a day at home by ourselves on Christmas. I was fully prepared to be bored, and I warned Erick not to take it personally.

Fortunately, I had grossly underestimated the entertainment of watching a toddler enjoy each and every new Christmas present and activity with unbridled joy.

Christmas Eve was spent exchanging gifts and eating wonderful treats with Grandmary.
We had to move the party back to our house in the middle of the day because Sophia started running a little fever and had a very bad cough. After playing quietly at the sink with a new little teapot, she was up and running for a fun evening. Before bed, we put a brownie and milk out for Santa Claus. Sophia poured the milk all by herself and was very excited by the prospect of Santa's visit.
When we went to the tree in the morning, Sophia was so pleased to find just what she had asked Santa Claus for (with some direction) under the tree. A dollhouse, horse trailer and, most importantly, a school bus. She couldn't have been happier!
With each stocking stuffer she pulled out from us, she would think it was over. When we told her there was more, she turned to us with, "Oh thank you, guys!" It really doesn't get any sweeter.
Her favorite present from us was her horse, and she promptly told us his name was Simba. They were good friends, and she pushed him around the house throughout the day to wrestle, ride and feed him.

In the afternoon, we took her to see Bolt in the theater. The experience wasn't quite as seamless as her first movie. We were still surprised to make it through the whole film, considering she still has a nasty cough.

So, we ate, sang, danced, napped, read, played, and did it all again. It was relaxing and enjoyable. I could definitely see myself enjoying another little Christmas again! Now, tomorrow off to join the madness that is my family!!

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