Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's hard to keep up on a blog

when you don't have a spacebar. Last weekend, I had an incident involving coffee and my keyboard. The result was the failure of several keys, including the spacebar, at the bottom of my keyboard. Right now, I'm posting from Erick's laptop. Maybe I'll make a post with no spacebar just to see who can read it.

It's also hard to keep up with a blog when you're not getting much sleep. For some reason, Sophia has decided she doesn't like her room or crib or sleeping any more. I blame the moon, it's full and closer the earth than normal. It can definitely mess with a person. Erick and I have been a little tired. I usually update the blog while she's sleeping, so that is why there have been few posts. That is also why I haven't had time to look into getting a new keyboard. It all plays together to make it impossible to keep up.

I'll try to be better, and maybe I'll even get a new keyboard. Hereisatasteofwhatyouareinfor.Enjoy.


  1. MostlyIdontlikeitbecauseIcantreallyproofreadwhatIhavetyped.Thatisveryfrustrating.Thanksforbeingwilling,though.

  2. You.don''m.just.sayin.And.when.I.did.that(