Monday, December 8, 2008

Surprise Fall Day

We had a pleasant surprise today when the weather made it possible for Sophia and I to take a little stroll outside. We have both felt a little cooped up, even just now at the end of fall - getting ready to lay in for a long winter.

Sophia did not appreciate the wind. She would stop now and then to say, "Wind, stop blowing my hair!"

One of her favorite things to do at our park is pretend that she runs a hotdog stand.

Here she is promising me the finest in fresh tomatoes.

A morning like we had always makes the weeks spent indoors a little more bearable. So, now we'll bundle up again for a while waiting for our next opportunity to stroll.


  1. That is cute. Sophia seems to have a really vivid/ advanced imagination for a two year old, doesn't she?

  2. Yes, it was wonderful to get outside, even in the wind. The boys spent some time up at the park too.