Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Cookies Round One

I honestly couldn't tell you why I'm so into Christmas stuff already this year. I like it. It's fun. That's about all I've got so far. There is no telling, but I may be completely tired of the whole thing in a couple of weeks while the rest of society is just ramping up. Regardless, Christmas cookies have already been made at this house.

I started to just make regular sugar cookies, and decided to give our Christmas cutters a test run. Given that motivation, I really don't feel too overboard with this one. Anyway, we made the dough the night before. Sophia was, as always, ridiculously excited about the prospect of working in the kitchen.


The next day, we got out the dough and I let Sophia break in her new rolling pin - just her size.


These cookie cutters are the same ones (brand and origination, not actual) as the ones my Granny uses, so it is fun to use them each time. So many memories of doing this around Granny's table. Somehow it always felt more organized there. Well, she also cut them out herself while we were young, and she let us decorate. I am starting to understand why. Decorating is definitely the tedious part for me. I'll have to ask her about that...

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  1. How cute that she has her own pint-size rolling pin! Is that snow on your deck?! Oh, my. You need to move further South, girl. ;p

  2. That's funny. It does look like snow, doesn't it! Nope. Just sunshine and lack of stain. :) I would like to move somewhere warmer, but for the most part, Missouri isn't too bad.

  3. Me too. I'll be putting up the Xmas tree this weekend. I had a killer Pandora holiday station set up last year, wonder if I have that saved. The key building block is Wham's "Last Christmas."

  4. Thanks for sharing the cookies! We certainly won't get tired of those before Christmas.