Thursday, November 19, 2009

A few notes on the movie:

-Yes, she is pantless. Why? She said, "Mom, I don't feel like wearing pants." You know what, sometimes I don't feel like it either. So, while it's still socially acceptable, I'm going to free her up...

-Just before she guesses "Frosty" to the most famous reindeer of all question, you'll see it. That grin that she puts on when she's about to say something silly. Then she reviews the silliness just to be sure it was as funny as she thought it would be.

-When she's pointing during the Santa part, she's pointing at a Santa decoration in our house.

-Finally, she really makes me laugh. That's all. That was the final note. This kid makes me laugh. Hope you laugh too. If not, that's cool. I'll keep posting videos anyway.


  1. That was so, so cute! Andrew and I watched it and we giggled the whole time. Awesome! And she is toooooooo precious.