Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feeling Christmasy

We went to Springfield this weekend to visit my parents. A trip to Silver Dollar City yesterday was almost surreal as we looked around at Christmas lights and snowmen in nearly 80 degree weather!


I managed to get into the Christmas spirit, though. Eventually, I had to force Sophia to put on her fleece. She probably didn't even need it, but it definitely made me feel better. Just as it was getting dark, we went to the kids rides with no expectations. Last time, Sophia sat down in the frog, looked around and screamed until we let her out - all before it started. So I expected the same this time. Fortunately, she didn't have time to think about it. She was happy to get into her seat.


And didn't realize she was nervous until it had already started...


Anyway, she got over that pretty quickly. One ride is definitely her maximum at this point. I'm fine with that as there were incredibly long lines for everything! I love a crowd at Silver Dollar City at Christmas. I think the crowd gets happier as it gets closer to Christmas, though, because I could tell there were some who were not yet in the spirit...

We managed to do everything we wanted. Watched the big Christmas tree. Also a little loud and intimidating for Sophia, although she adored it when it was solid blue. That was her favorite. Inspired by a family wearing red in front of red Christmas trees, we decided to get our picture in front of the gold Christmas trees given our wardrobe choices. Sophia wanted in on the action, and this is a picture of our family the way we are at any given moment.


We ended up staying until a little after 8, which is a relatively big deal for Sophia. It was lots of fun. On the way home, Sophia somehow coerced us all into singing Christmas songs and carols for a very long time. We also discovered that while we have no lack of confidence, we do have a lack of lyric retention. Oh well. We just need a few more tries to brush up...

Oh yeah, and tomorrow Sophia starts potty training. Booooooo
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  1. That looked sorta fun especially the 80 degrees weather. We wanted to check Branson out at Christmas but looks like it'll have to wait for another year:)