Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She's Officially a Very Big Kid

I am updating on the potty situation not to brag or toot my own horn. I realize how little I actually have to do with it. However, I do think Sophia needs to get some serious credit.

She has not had a poop or pee accident since the first day. It's kind of insane really. I know. The only catch is that she will only do this in her Winnie the Pooh potty, so we have been carting it around in the back of the van for the last week. We are those people. I figure she is doing so well that I just don't want to pick another battle until it matters.

Anyway, I think she really crossed the line today. I had to take a shower, so I reminded her about the potty procedures in case she had to go without me. In the middle of my shower, she ran in to tell me that she peed in the potty. She also told me that she had dumped it in my potty and I could flush it. Of course I was glad she had done it all by herself - pants down and up successfully, etc. Imagine my shock when I went to flush the pee and found poop too!! Immediately I asked her about it, and she seemed surprised that I was surprised. Like, yes, mom, I pooped in the potty. That is sooo last week. I expected to find a big mess on her bottom. Nope. She had wiped too. I know this is way too much information for some of you but others realize what a feat Sophia just accomplished.

All that to say Sophia is potty trained. She's a great big girl. It's a little sad, of course, to give up any of that baby stage. But mostly, I'm just thrilled for her and us. Yeah, Sophia!!

And that is all I've got to say about that.


  1. Great news! The boys still haven't learned to wipe well...

  2. Well, I won't get detailed, but clearly it was a good type of poop for her to be on her own. I don't have faith that she could complete the process under messier circumstances.

  3. Dude. That is awesome! I say you need to brag/toot your own horn! Clearly, you've done something right. Awesome job, mamma!! (Oh, yeah, and I guess Miss Sophia should get some credit too--Hooray, Sophia!)