Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We're celebrating the removal of snakes from Ireland, right? But we all know that St. Patrick's Day is about much more than that. For many, it's an excuse to drink green beer and get a little raucous. For others, it's a chance to remember a heritage that is simultaneously turbulent and charming.

For me, it's just a chance to dig a little deeper into why Irish culture is so appealing.

Rebellion is appealing.

The accent rocks.

The land is gorgeous and wild.

Somehow the Irish people have come to embody spirit and fire.

My favorite thing is that Irish people have become known as great story tellers. They have some awesome stories to tell, and many Irish people really do seem to have a gift.

What do you like about Irish culture? What appeals to you about this holiday?


  1. When I was 14, we spent a summer in Ireland. It was an incredible experience. So many memories of traveling with my family. We were there long enough that we had to rent a house. It was in the Irish countryside. Two of my favorite memories were stopping in the middle of the road for different types of animals to cross and even having a donkey stick his head in my window. Another memory was the narrow roads and losing our side mirror because another car ran into it. I would love to take my family back and relive some days gone by.

  2. That your grandmother is so proud of her Irish heritage ~ makes me love it to!