Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tennis Pro

This weekend, we took advantage of the temperatures above freezing. We made our 2-car garage actually a 2-car garage again by cleaning and organizing. When I say "we," I mean "Erick." The garage is my nemesis. I get overwhelmed really easily in there. I was focused on the inside of the house this week in order to get ready for Sophia's bed. That should be here tomorrow, by the way. Assuming we get it put up in a timely fashion, there will be pictures soon.

Anyway, after the cleaning, we took Sophia out to our basketball courts to hit around the tennis ball. A very surprising fact about Erick and me is that we used to play a lot of tennis during college. It was free. We're not typically the sporty type. When I say "we" in this context, I mean "me." Anyway, it was a lot of fun for all three of us. Sophia just enjoyed being outside, I think.


At one point, she said, "I just love this game because I love chasing balls!" That's pretty much all she did. That and get hit by them.


I think she's starting to realize it's not as much fun as she thought...

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