Monday, March 8, 2010

Worn Out from the Weekend

Maybe it was the warm temperatures and long-missed sunshine, or maybe we just wanted to capitalize on the momentum gained from changing Sophia's room. Regardless of the unknown motivation, Erick and I decided to do some major work outside this weekend.

He replaced all of our front lights, and he's very proud of having fiddled with the electricity of our house without incident. It looks great. Now I just have to do away with the rest of the brass fixtures inside the house...

While he was doing that, I was tearing out shrubs that I have scowled at all four years we've been in this house. I am so happy to have those plants gone. I really can't explain it.

In addition to that, Erick added windsor stones to border the flower beds we kept and to retain the grass we plan to grow in replacement of those nasty bushes.

It was very hard work.


Sophia did incredibly well during our steady hours working outside. She was very happy with her new balance beam, although she's going to be pretty disappointed that the mud pit won't always be there...


This is an example of the work in progress, but I know that many of you have no point of reference.


As a reward for all of our hard work and a fulfillment of a week's long craving (thanks to my friend Michelle), I made us lettuce wedge salads for supper.


It was a great start to spring. We have a few more projects to complete but probably nothing quite as extensive for a while.

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