Sunday, March 14, 2010

Picking Up where we left off

This weekend, we went to Farmington to visit with Risha, my college roommate, and her beautiful family. Because of sickness and crazy schedules, we haven't seen them in a year!! That is way too long, and we've renewed the commitment to not let that happen again.

Fortunately, though, we have all done a good job of keeping each other in our conversations and as recipients of the occasional art project. Because for Sophia and Lilly, it was like they were never apart.


Lilly is nearly exactly a year older than Sophia, and they have a lot in common as to what they enjoy playing and doing. They are also both two incredibly sweet and loving girls. However, the way in which they go about playing and doing is nearly opposite. Lilly is very reserved and delicate. . . Sophia is not.


Nora is one, and she joins right in with the big girls when she feels like it. Much of the time, she was happy just to wear around Sophia's sparkly red shoes. When she couldn't find those, mine did nearly as well.


In Paul and Risha's new house, they have beautiful wood floors. And two dogs. In order to reduce frustration and cost, the dogs have stylish paw-wear as well....


Anyway, it was great to catch up, and I'm very glad that we won't have quite as much catching up to do next time...

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