Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hat Ladies


Our address here in St. Louis is only an hour from our friends in Farmington. Sophia has been counting the days until we could go to Lilly and Nora's house.

The visit did not at all disappoint. Lilly had planned a tea party and found a project for the to do of tea party hats. The making of these hats was very different than anything I'd seen before. I'm more than willing to describe it if anyone is interested. The result was worthy of Fancy Nancy...

And it was topped only by the Talent Show they put on for us before we left. Those girls have the best time together. Can't wait for the next visit, which will be much sooner than the last.
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  1. I love a hat! and those are 3 awesome hats! With 3
    cute little girls wearing them proudly!