Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just another snow day


Little did I know that I should have invested in some ski pants or something this year. It's gross out there! Okay, the beautiful, white blanket of snow can hardly be called gross, but give it a couple of days.

As soon as we were up, Sophia was begging to go outside. Wind chills in the single digits are no deterrent to a kid with a cozy pink snow suit. Eventually, I gave in.

But I did get a treat out of the deal. Kaldi's is on the way to the big hill, so it was easy to talk Sophia into a quick stop to get warm before getting to the hill. Don't worry, I was finished before I took this picture.


Also, I have found a very real advantage to radiators. Without a doubt, I will be asked to go out in this weather again today. When I do, I will have toasty dry clothes.


In the meantime, Sophia put on some new pj's, and has decided to create some art today. Works for me. I can sit here and offer input and desired affirmation while drinking some fresh coffee and catching up on the world (and Etsy).


Even though I'm tired of snow days, this one is definitely turning out to be a cozy one.

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