Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prepared for the Storm

The talk of the night seems to be the impending winter storm headed our way, bringing with it some ice and more than a little snow. Not looking forward to that. However, I will enjoy the afterglow of this day for at least a few days into our being stuck.

The day began as many Sundays do - donuts and coffee. After our healthy start, we had a very productive family work day. Laundry, bills, floors and more were on our agenda. We had more than enough time for a dance break or two, although sometimes the dancing happened while we worked. It's frightening how much like me this kid is sometimes. With better rhythm.

Before noon, we had done everything I expected to get done in the day. So we decided to take advantage of the temps that were warmer than in weeks. One of the things we have talked about taking advantage of in our apartment is the proximity of the zoo. Today was our first attempt at walking to the zoo, and it was a huge success. It felt so good to get out in the fresh air and walk through Forest Park with the hundreds of joggers and bikers also out enjoying the sunny Sunday afternoon.

Once we got to the zoo, we went to visit the baby leopard. She made her first appearance this week, and Sophia and I went to visit her on that day. Since the big cats are Erick's favorite type of animal at the zoo, I knew it wouldn't be long before we made another visit. They weren't quite as active today, so I got a better picture of the baby. The best part was watching the mama leopard and the daddy leopard in the neighboring cage pace near and talk to each other - except when the baby was around. Interesting.

The rest of the day has been spent with a quick trip to a crazed and packed Wal-Mart, then puttering and resting after our day's activity. What a lovely day. I am trying not to think about how disappointed I am that it's going to be far too long before we can have a repeat.

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