Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Late to the Party

A few weeks ago, I discovered Etsy. Okay. So it was discovered a long time ago. However, I had never once visited Etsy. I had only heard about it through people who were selling crafty smocked kids clothing and such, so I never thought it would be worth a visit. No offense to anyone out there who fancies crafty kids clothes. Sophia would be thrilled with that, but I choose to forgo.

Anyway, one day I got a link from a college friend who is an artist. She was selling art on Etsy. I decided to check it out, and I was immediately hooked. That's my friend's shop, in case you're interested. If you buy the anatomical heart necklace, let me know so we're sure not to wear it on the same day. Oh, and tell her I sent you. Maybe I'd get some free art eventually.

Fortunately, my Etsy "discovery" happened after Christmas. If it had happened before, I cannot account for the handmade and artsy stuff my family would be the owners of today.

I now look every evening just to see what beautiful things may have been created around the world today. I haven't bought anything else, and I may not because I can never convince myself that something more beautiful won't turn up the next day! Oh, and don't get me started on the vintage furniture items. Wow.

Basically, I'm posting this in case I wasn't actually the last person to discover this glorious pasttime. Go check it out. I wish I had found it earlier.


  1. You're only slightly later than me. I was in search of ideas to put on my Christmas list that also fit and went on to Etsy to see if I could my friend friend from high school's new stuff. An hour later, found out her Esty store was still in process but it was too late, I was hooked, I had to make myself stop. Assuming any and all future gifts will come from there would be correct.

  2. I love Etsy...although it can definitely suck the evening out of you. That's where I got the stamp!