Wednesday, January 6, 2010



This is Lulu today. She's held together by spit, some white yarn and lots of love. I'm thinking about this because when Sophia gets up from her nap, I'll have to sew up another hole.

If you haven't met Lulu, you need to go to this link to catch up on her life story. It's heartwarming.

I'm sure I'll post another one here in a month or two saying that she's still with us. She seems to be indestructible, although at the same time I think she may unravel with the slightest tug. That Lulu continues to try to sneak out of the house into the van, and when we catch her, Sophia laughs and says, "Oh, that silly Lulu! She can't come with us!" Then there are days that leaving Lulu in the house is possibly the hardest battle we'll fight. Sophia loves that doll.

She loves her so much that even when I have to sew her up several times a week, Sophia insists that she feels just as snug. Here's Lulu's backside...


Poor Lulu. But, then again, what better fate to become a doll's, right? Sophia won't think of having another doll while she sleeps. Every time she gets attached to something else for a few hours, she says, "I'll sleep with both of them tonight!" but when it's time to go upstairs, only Lulu is allowed to join her.

One of the days, I'll have to write a goodbye blog. I'm not even pretending to do that this time. I've come to accept the fact that she's just going to hang on by a thin pink thread until Sophia decides they're through. But seriously, that rag doll is a mess!

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  1. I love that doll and that girl's attachment to her. I hate to think of our family over the last 3 years sans Lulu. She's brought joy to us and been a great companion.

    Funny that she's "just" a doll.