Monday, January 4, 2010

What I want from 2010

When I look out at the year ahead, I have a hard time thinking of ways that I want my life to be different in 362 days. I am very content. Of course, like most, I think I could be healthier and a little smarter with my resources, but those things don't consume my thoughts.

There are two things I want to get better at during the coming year: friendship and fun. Now, hopefully those of you who know me know that those are actually two of my strengths. However, when life happens, I think we tend to let down on the things we think "we have in the bag." Don't get me wrong, I have great friends, and I hope they feel the same about me. I've also had a lot of fun this year.

I know that I can be a better friend. I can work harder not to get lost in my own daily grind and pay more attention to that of my friends. I can be certain that the person I'm looking at and listening to is the person I'm thinking about. In order to do a good job of this, I'll have to give up some peripherals. Facebook may suffer because I'm spending more time in actual conversation, for example. Friendship is something that is on my mind a lot as I think about the coming year.

Like I said, I'm good at having fun. But I just think I can do it more often. Maybe I can, maybe I can't. But I am positive that I'm going to try to have more fun in 2010 than I've ever had before. This is Sophia's last year of independence, as we plan to enroll her in preschool in the fall. So we are going to enjoy it. That's the plan. I'm pretty sure I can pull that one off.

2010 is the year that Erick and I turn 30. I've said in the past that, in my opinion, age is just a number. I still believe that. Wisdom can't be quantified. It's not passed out in share according to the year you were born. It's a lot harder to earn than that. But I recognize that we are approaching a significant milemarker in our lives. So I plan to let it through in style. We haven't decided what that looks like yet, but I'll be sure to let you know.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to 2010, and apparently if I count you as a friend, you should be looking forward to it, too!


  1. Wonderful goals. You are right about neglecting the things we are actually good at. Isn't that rather odd? Thank you for recognizing it, and bringing it to attention, as I haven't given that much thought.

    I too am thinking about not Facebooking as much. With the exception of posting pics & videos so grandmas still get to see their far-away grandkids. For some reason I've felt the need to update my status on FB every day. And now I'm asking myself- - why? lol.

    Happy New Year, LJ!

    Love, Sarah

  2. I'm just following you around to fast food drive thrus till you buy my meal...

    (just trying to add to your fun)

  3. I'm all for this plan as long as I continue to benefit from both your friendship and your fun.