Monday, January 11, 2010

Rhythm of Life

I am feeling grateful today, and the reason is simple. Today life is good. I'm not saying that I am grateful because tomorrow promises to be good or yesterday was good - or even that yesterday's over. I am grateful because I'm living in the moment and can honestly say that today is good.

Erick, Sophia and I have met one another in a holy rhythm lately. I don't know how else to put it. While we are all together, we are synched. We are playing the best games, having the most creative play and even the most serious and funny conversations. It's not due to any one of us. We're just really great together for the moment. Sophia is three, so this rhythm could derail at any moment. That's why I'm gratefully living in the moment.

I have always looked forward to the time in the evening when Erick gets home. On the bad days, I just need a little relief. Or maybe I want someone in the house that it's okay for me to gripe at. Poor guy. He does sometimes get the bad part of mine and Sophia's bad days. Lately, though, it's been different. We have been looking forward to his arrival differently. He adds the capstone to our enjoyment. A good day becomes a happy day. A great day becomes the best.

All that to say I'm grateful. I know it won't last forever, but it sure is fun for the moment. I think I'll go live in it now. See ya!

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