Thursday, December 6, 2007

Being a One Car Family

It seems like a good idea on most days... But on the day that Sophia coughs through her 40 minute nap and wakes up looking for a fight, I wish for a way to get us out of here! It just always happens that she and I have our bad days together on the day that we don't have a way to spread the love outside the house! Lucky for everyone else. Booo for us!

It's amazing what a little outing does for her attitude, not to mention mine! Well, an outing and a large Mountain Dew. Mmmm. What I'd give for some good ol' Dew right about now - as Sophie is randomly shouting what I can only assume are toddler cuss words from her spot in front of the baby piano.

One car. Saves money. Costs sanity upon a rare occasion. Erick's coming home on his way back to I can get my sanity back! :) What a nice guy.


  1. We lived with one car for about a year. Saved us a bunch of money also. I had forgotten all about that; it is one of those things when you think back on it, it was a good time. Dave bought Whippit Janitorial when Carrie was two weeks old so then we had a business truck, and I was free to roam about with 3 children under 4!

  2. Let me know if you are stuck and need to get out - we can always share the van on the days I'm at home!