Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Tree

We normally do things the old fashioned way...trek out into the tree farm and chop down a tree for our very own. With the weather this weekend, we decided to make a new tradition...staying dry and warm. So Erick and Sophie went out Saturday morning to purchase a lovely artificial specimen. They decided to go with a cheaper white tree, so we can use it in Sophie's room next year. We put it up and decorated it during Sophie's nap. She was so thrilled when she got up. It was sweet to see. She loves her tree and giggles every time she sees it. Sometimes, she even walks up to give it kisses before going to bed for nap or the night. Of course, she's already broken an ornament, but fortunately, we didn't spend any extra money on those this year.

We can't wait to see how her excitement just grows and grows as we get closer to Christmas. We are having so much fun preparing this celebration for her. It really does make Christmas that much more special.

And no, we didn't ask her to lay under the tree. That was her way of connecting with the tree, I suppose.


  1. Love the white tree! Can't wait to see Erick's Xmas sweater.

  2. yep--wish I could pop over and have a look/see for myself!

  3. It's funny that we can't seem to talk our children into REAL trees!

  4. She is truly a darling child! And glad to see David still has his sense of humor