Sunday, December 2, 2007

Top Ten Reasons to Stick with our Tigers

10. An 11-2 season ain't all bad.
9. Most of our team comes back next year.
8. We still have a bowl game to win. (Hopefully BCS...unless we're robbed)
7. I look great in black and gold.
6. We beat Kansas.
5. Tailgating.
4. Chase Daniel.
3. Big XII North Champs - for the first time!
2. Coach Gary Pinkel - 'nuf said
1. Sophia still loves her Tigers.


  1. I love #7 and think it should be way higher on the list!

  2. Well said! We WERE robbed for our Bowl Game, and I'm STILL proud of the Tigers!


  3. Saw Coach Pinkel at G&D at lunch, a guy with me thanked Coach for a great season and Coach said, "Thanks, now we need to finish it strong." Say that aloud with your best grimace and an iron tone in your voice and you'd about have it. Dude's intense.

    But that's what I want too. Finish strong, send Rucker, Franklin and Pig to the NFL, get ready for pre-season Top Ten ranking.

    Go Mizzou

  4. Wow. Love the guy. Can't help it.

  5. Great reasons! I love them to even if only from afar!!