Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Crush

I do believe that Sophia has her first crush. Well, maybe not her first. She already worships her cousins Aaron and William and has attached herself mostly to the men in her life. Still, this was the cutest crush I guess. Yesterday, we got a few Christmas cards in the mail. One of them happened to feature an almost 3-year-old Ben Taylor, a friend. A cute friend. She was immediately smitten. She kept holding the card and saying "Hi." in the sweetest little voice. She also didn't hesitate to offer kisses to his little face. So, be ware, Jake and Molly. Sophie has laid claim, although I'm sure she's not the first. He is awfully cute. :) And good luck, Erick. It's going to be a rough ride.


  1. She is gonna be trouble. In reality though, even now, I hope that she is able to find someone that makes me has happy as her Mommy makes me.

  2. 1. You too are so cute it almost makes me ill, but I strangely like it. :)

    2. That is SSSOOO funny...just wait till she's about goodness, she's going to be a heartbreaker!!