Monday, December 31, 2007

Ott Seven

Well, it's the last day of 2007. On to another year of making history. This year was really one of maintenance and survival, void of any huge happenings or events. I simply made it through the year of sleepless nights and milestones and lived to put the year under my belt (perhaps more literally than figuratively.) 2006 was full of so many life changes and drastic measures that we earned a little rest (that one is more figurative than literal.)

My greatest accomplishment this year, outside of watching Sophia grow into a sweet and loving toddler, was leading a group of incredible young women in self-exploration and discovery this summer. It was a very rewarding experience and left me wanting more. That is why I am going to spend this year reaching out and helping where I am needed. I believe I was blessed with a season of reflection and restoration this year in order to make me a deeper vessel of God's love in the coming year. I am honestly excited to see what is in store for the coming year. There will be plenty more sleepless nights and situations to survive, but now I am ready for more than just survival.

Bring it on, 2008!

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  1. What a fun summer it was for me to be around you!! I hope we get more times to play together and learn more about ourselves and God in the process...sounds scary...