Thursday, December 20, 2007

She's Cheesy

Sophie has learned to say "Cheese!" It's really pretty funny. I snapped this quick shot right before nap, so she's not in the sweetest of spirits. That's all right, though. It's still pretty funny to hear her say "CHEEEEEEE." Of course followed by a mad grab for the camera to see the lovely result. I guess I should just do a video of it some time.

Also note in her left hand the tiny book. She found this in her closet one day a couple of weeks ago. It is now a constant companion. She has to kiss it goodnight and place it somewhere herself. We are not allowed to wrest it from her grasp. She is obsessed with tiny books. Any insights on that?


  1. absolutely no insight but I see she is wearing the PJs I gave her for Christmas. Thats all I see these days!


  2. i'm not sure why, but ava likes tiny books too... maybe because they can handle them easier by themselves???