Thursday, December 13, 2007

I did it

Sophia has needed a trim for a while now. She has all this baby hair on top that just dangles over her new thick luscious curls and makes for a real mess. I couldn't bring myself to do anything about it. I said I would take her to Goldilocks, a salon just for little girls. She's too young to actually enjoy that. So I did it this morning the only way I could. I let her take the toilet paper off the roll so she would be standing in one spot long enough to take a few snips (notice the pile of tp in the picture with the pile of hair.) I didn't think she could be any cuter than she was, but I may have been wrong. Now she's a beautiful little girl. Ugh. Kind of makes me ill. Anyway, it looks great. It probably won't look like a huge change to most of you, but it feels pretty huge to me!

I haven't tested her pigtails. They're probably gone for a little while. The topknot and crazy frontal hair are still intact. Bangs aren't for my crazy lady yet. :)


  1. A first crush is one thing, but now a haircut that makes her look like a little girl. BOOOOOOO!

    She is quite adorable though.

  2. I think it looks so cute! you did a good job!

  3. Very brave LJ!!! I learned the hard way that bangs are more trouble than they're worth at this age. We're growing Ava's out! She's adorable, can't wait to see the new do in person!!!

  4. You did an awesome job and much better than spending the $ to get it done! Looks cute, can't wait to see more pictures!