Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dance Class Open House


This is Sophia's dance class with their instructor Miss Hallie. Today was the big day I've been waiting for. I got my camera batteries all charged up for the Open House. Sophia was so excited that Erick and I would get to actually watch her dance today. It was so sweet. At first, she was really distracted by our being there, but it didn't take long for her to get into the groove.

Getting to see it in person makes me SO pleased that we signed her up for this on my whim. Her face just beams with pure delight at every moment! Even when she has no idea what Miss Hallie is asking of her, she is just beside herself with happiness at giving it a shot.

She works really hard at everything, although her lack of coordination does show a bit. She's the second youngest in the class, and she has my gracefulness...


It's also fun to watch the other kids flit about and look so thrilled just to be doing something on their own, so grown up.


Really, though, I still think that for Sophia, at least, it comes down to the fact that she loves, loves, loves being a ballerina. As evidenced by her constantly checking herself out in the mirror...


There are other videos on my YouTube channel from today's class too. Check them out if you like!

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  1. You forgot to mention that Erick thought parents were supposed to wear tutus also. Please post the pic also. Thanking you in advance...

  2. that's a private family picture, but I looked good

  3. Lori - How do we get to your other YouTube videos ?? Patty Switzer

  4. Here is the link. Enjoy.